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Online Courses

Our courses are a fully downloadable package of audio lectures, power point presentations, readings and questions, carefully designed to impart the insights of the great philosophers and thinkers in a way that is accessible yet founded on good scholarship. Our workshops are designed to enhance practice and experience in contemplative arts and meditation, as well as dialogue and engagement with others pursuing similar endeavors. They are available now here.

We offer two packages – Standard and Premium. The standard package includes all course material: mp3 of lectures, PowerPoint lecture notes, readings and question/answers to be completed online and email correspondence if desired. Our premium package includes all course material plus a one hour Skype consultation with the course convener subsequent to completing the course and an optional essay task with full feedback provided. Some courses are available free of charge.

If you sincerely desire studying a course, but are unwaged or lack the financial means, please contact us and we will happily offer a concession.



Online real-time webinars are the easiest and most efficient means of accessing our educational material. These will commence in April 2018.