Inspired Thinkers by Dr Toby Mendelson

The purpose of this podcast series is to contemplate the thinkers who have most influenced my philosophical, moral, political and spiritual development – the thinkers I am most in debt to, and who have most shaped my relationship to the world. Although this series is somewhat embarrassingly framed around me, the point is to share the ideas I feel are most deserved and perhaps necessary, of being shared. In one sense, speaking about things biographically is simply a way to make philosophy accessible, alive and relevant for those it would otherwise remain in danger of being too dry, complex, technical and abstract. I certainly hope to educate a little in doing this – in each episode I will try to briefly explain the key ideas of each thinker. But in another sense I will be trying to make a deeper and more general philosophical point: that the task of genuine philosophical engagement is neither abstract nor removed from the pragmatic concerns of life; it is rather the epicentre from which an inspired life can emerge from.

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